Sista Eddie

Hold On To Hope

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About Sista Eddie

Sista Eddie, a genteel southern Rhode Island Red rooster, was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia. He is an author and a speaker.  

Sista Eddie advises the elderly and children (actually, anyone who will listen) how to cherish each moment, live a full life even if it comes with a few quirks (special needs), like he was born with.

Sista Eddie has had many privileges in life meeting all his cherished friend's making wonderful memories together.

 One of his most proud moments was to have his friends at The Augusta Training Shop paint his book.  The  adults who painted his book are mentally and physically disabled. Their painting "Hold On To Hope" for Sista was a testament of  The Augusta Training Shop's perseverance, their exemplary artisan work, and no boundaries despite their challenges: blind, deaf, MR, cerebral palsy - nothing stopped their enthusiasm, and Sista's crowing for their success!  

Sista Eddie wants you to know your life has a special purpose and a Hope! 

Find out his secret in his compelling story,     
             "Hold On To Hope."
Event: Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Place: Greenbrier Middle School,  Evans, Georgia,
Time: 6 p.m.
 Congressman Paul Broun will present artists of "Hold On To Hope"  Congressional certificates.

Book $16.00 each includes 8% tax and shipping.
Paperback/Saddle-stitch: 9 X 6
A portion of proceeds are given to Augusta Training Shop
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