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Hold On To Hope

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Sista Eddie ~ Bluffton, South Carolina



Book $16.00 includes 8% tax and shipping.
Paperback/saddle-stitch: 9 X 6
A portion of proceeds are given to Augusta Training Shop.
Hello my friend,

Thank you for stopping by to visit! 

My name is Sista Eddie.  I am a rooster with a very unique life.  Actually, I didn't think I had much of a chance at all for life but an absolute miracle happened.  

I was born blind in one eye, which really isn't a problem - it was my cross beak or its official name, "Scissor beak" that had me in a bind; I couldn't grab food to eat.  As I lay starving to death on the cold hard ground, I cried out for help. God heard my cries and  He sent me Hope.

My life has turned out to be truly amazing!  We can't look around the corner to see what tomorrow brings, all we have is today-our present!  Enjoy your gift of today-the precious jewel you are by celebrating who God made you to be, like Him, sharing your love with others.  

Promise me, if you only remember one thing from me, ole Sista Eddie, please let it be to always, 

                "Hold On To Hope!"

Sista Eddie
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